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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Our Body Remembers

Our body is a special place. A place where where we stores our memories. Memories can be recalled through our mind and the body where we absorbed the sensory of everyday stimulations around us. The way we move; the way we encounter an experiences; the way we react or response to situations. 

When dealing with people with dementia, there are times we find it it difficult to derive output through the mind as the mind of a person is filled with plaques. When we try to assess their thoughts and memories verbally, oftentimes, you may get an answer saying that they could not remember. Not because the person with dementia do not want to remember but because the neural connections in the brain is not sending the message across the cells. When working with people with dementia, the use of dance/movement therapy, a body-based work intervention may be an alternative means to connect to the memories where the body remembers.

I have been working in body-based work with people with dementia since 2000 and it has a been a journey to observe how people with dementia respond to their cognitive levels when they are engaged in dance/movement therapy. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Minding the Body Moving: Dance/Movement Therapy (Singapore)

Minding the Body Moving is based on the concept on Dance/Movement Psychotherapy. It is intended for participants who wants to experience Dance / Movement Therapy (D/MT) or body-based work. D/MT, it is a treatment method by changing the internal state through external movement.

The aim of the workshop is to foster communication by means of body action, nonverbal empathy. It explores on the body moving based on the fact that the body and mind are interconnected. It addresses the thoughts and emotions on how we can listen to the body moving to affecting the mind so that the person may be restored in the mind, body and spirit. In this workshop, there will be a short introduction to DMT, experiential moving using the body and creative arts and open discussions on DMT. Come and learn about the DMT profession and enjoy moving and integrating dance and psychology.

*No dance experience is necessary

The above experiential workshop will be conducted at NAFA and MOE

(1) Link to the Registration at NAFA site Only. Date: 16th Jan 2014

(2) Ministry of Education (2 sessions) (FULL). Date: 11th Jan 2014
9.00 - 12.00 pm
1.00 -3.00 pm